02 september / 2019

On the exhibition “1939. The outbreak of the Second World War”

The Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kathmandu opened the exhibition devoted to the 80th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. It displays copies of photos and archive documents. The materials of the exhibition narrate about the events which anticipated this war. The exposition was visited by many Nepali students, representatives of research community, social and political circles, compatriots.

The 1st of September 1939 went down in history as the date of the outbreak of the Second World War (1939-1945), which became the most terrible tragedy of the XX century and dramatically influenced destinies of the humanity. The scale and consequences of this war exceeded all other military conflicts. It was a severe trial for the whole world, claimed more than 70 million of lives, affected the majority of countries.

The major reason of the beginning of the Second World War was the rivalry of great powers, striving of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and militarist Japan for hegemony and global redivision of spheres of influence.

The whole world should never forget about the high price paid by millions of people, citizens of the Soviet Union, European, Asian and American countries for the sake of removal of the Nazi threat.